Epic Blogging Fail

I feel like I have been the WORST blogger in the past 9 months.  My attempts at bringing you stories from my home front and new recipes have been, at best, PATHETIC.


That pretty much sums it up.  I’ve wanted to write, but will admit that as my day winds to a close and the time I have to sit down and write to you has felt uninspired.  I think I hit a slump, a wall of sort.  The mojo is slowly returning.  My faith in your interest in my words is being restored.

I wonder if every writer goes through these periods?

Soooo…. what’s been going on with my crazy household?


Monkey started preschool!!!!

DSC_0280 copyThis girl talked non-stop about school for 3 months.  When I finally told her that she would get to go to school when her brothers started school she couldn’t even contain herself.  When we were in the final weeks before her first day we had to start counting the number of “sleeps” before she would get to go.

The excitement on that morning was on the verge of chaotic.  I made arrangements to be a bit late to work in order to take her.  Her daddy left work and met us there.

Ms. Fallon met each student outside of the school that morning.  I wanted Monkey to take a picture with her first teacher, but she wasn’t having any part of standing by herself with this “stranger”.  So this is what we settled for.

DSC_0283 copySilly girl was practically in my lap.  We walked her in, made sure she was settled, kissed her good-bye and slipped out.

She only goes two days a week, but begs to go EVERY day.  That makes this momma’s heart happy.

Then there’s this guy.

DSC_0273 copyThird grade.  REALLY?!?!  I can’t even believe it.  He loves school.  He amazes us with his good grades and love for learning.

Now for the reality of it.  We got our first “your kiddo has been misbehaving in school” phone call this week.


It’s been a tough week.  We’re working with his teacher trying to nip the problem in the bud.  He had his first experience with being GROUNDED last night.  An entire night in his room was quite traumatic in his opinion.  We’re praying that the grounding and the consequences doled by his teacher will make the impact needed.

Football has started for both Cade and Tucker.

Tucker has started competing in ranch horse competitions.  That will be another post soon.

…and there’s where I’ll leave you for now.



Peace, love and getting back in the swing of things.



2 thoughts on “Epic Blogging Fail

  1. Your reasons for slowing down the blog was evident as we read through your blog. If something puts pressure don’t feel guilty if you ease off it. Of course, we love to read your thoughts, but not at the expense of your sanity. Love, GM

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