Turning It Around

Oh, I had a Monday.

I started the morning running a little behind.  I discovered I had a low tire and took the time to air it up.  I thought to myself as I was airing it up that I’d have Grady fix it that evening.  No worries.

I was three blocks from the office on the busy main street in town stopped at a red light.  As I pulled out I heard an odd noise, but thought it was coming from the semi beside me.  I proceeded to the next light where I turn for the last two blocks to work.  Again, the noise, and this time I could FEEL that I was riding on a pancake-flat tire.  My heart sank and I knew I had to get pulled over as soon as possible.  I parked illegally on the side street.  Ran around to check and sure enough, flat, flat, flat.  I growled under my breath, grabbed my purse, lunch bag and started hoofing it to the office.  I was thankful that I was close, but worried that my car would get ticketed or towed.

This was NOT how I wanted to start my Monday, let alone my week.  As I made it in, I knew I needed to find someone to help me change the tire.  That’s when I started to get nervous about whether or not I even had a jack and tire iron.  I wasn’t sure that Grady had checked for all the necessities in this vehicle since we got it in May.


After forty-five minutes of fretting over the possibilities I called upon one of the guys in the office to help.  Graciously, he dropped everything and came to my aid.  We located an air bubble and aired up the bum tire.  I raced (okay I just drove quickly) four blocks to a new (to me) auto shop who gladly took care of my tire.

Problem solved.


Why is it that when your day starts out wonky it seems to throw EVERYTHING in a tailspin?  My whole day was off.  I couldn’t get my head wrapped around anything and I felt like my work showed it.  I just needed my day to be over.

Tuck and I had a meeting that evening and on our way home we were blessed with this.

DSC_0155 copy2

Sheer BEAUTY!  I couldn’t resist stopping and shooting.

I was quickly reminded of all the beautiful blessings in my life.  Although my day started out roughly, I was blessed with co-workers who cared enough to go above and beyond to lend a helping hand.  I was blessed to find a nearby mechanic with a warm smile and honest heart.  I was blessed to NOT get a ticket for my illegally parked, “out of commission” vehicle.  I was BLESSED that the flat tire happened so close to the office and not on the busy highway I travel every day.

The bottom line…. I was blessed that day.  My misfortune showed me reminded me of the MANY beautiful blessings in my life EVERY SINGLE DAY.



Peace, love and fortunate misfortunes!!!!


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