At Last, I Shall Say Fair Well

Its no secret that my posts have become null and void in the last year or more. I’ve thought often of writing, but have realized in recent months that the life of this blog has well served its purpose and therefore reached its max potential right now.

I do love to post the fun stuff going on in our crazy country life, but like to keep it short and sweet. Instagram has become my favorite way to share. If you’d still like to see what we’re up to come join me on Instagram @alishagibb. I’ve decided to leave the site active since I’ve shared so many recipes over the years and would hate to take those down. …and who knows, maybe someday down the road, I’ll decide to write again.

Until then… Thank you for being such wonderful readers. I’ve enjoyed sharing with you and hope to continue in a condensed version.

Peace, love and sweet good-byes!!