I’m a wife, mother and three ring circus leader.  Our house is ALWAYS on the go.  It’s a rare occasion for any of us to be sitting still for more than 30 minutes.

I grew up a country girl and rancher’s daughter right in the heart of our nation.  I’m proud of my deep agricultural roots and pray I can pass them on to my kids.  I spent 4 long years pounding the pavement in the big city, surrounded by thousands of people who didn’t know me and didn’t care about my life.  I moved back to the midsection in 2003 and met the man of my dreams.  We live in a very rural community in the middle of Kansas.  You could say that we live the simple life.  We fish on the weekends and grill on the porch with a cold beer and good company.  We know most everyone in our tiny little community and feel blessed to call most of them friends.

My husband is an all-American cowboy living his dream of working on a ranch.  We have three beautiful children and two dogs.

They say that behind every good cowboy is a wife who works in town. Well, folks, that’s me.

I have a passion for good food, photography, antiques and good books. I’m always on the prowl for a new family pleasing recipe. You’ll rarely see me without my camera. I see a photo opportunity in almost everything. When I’m not cooking or peering through my lens I jones for a great read. I live for my family, counting down the minutes every day until I get to see their shining faces.

These are my stories, my heart, my soul.  I share them with you.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. I had been planning to try your dutch oven fruit/cake dessert since I read that post! I’m armed with a cake mix and a can of fruit, but can’t remember the name of the post. . . Help! I’m in that moment of weakness ready to dig in!

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