Sunday Fun Day

I am reveling in how relaxing our weekend has been.  I even went so far as to sleep in until my kids woke up yesterday.  That’s NOT typical.

Typical is waking up around 5:30 or 6:00 and getting showered, dressed, made up and coffee induced before the kids are out of bed. 

I vowed that this weekend would be devoted to low key activity and getting my kids back in good health.

I think it worked.  Tucker was back to his usual rambunctious silliness by the evening getting completely wound up for the K-State game.

This morning I got up at my usual weekend time.  It felt good.  I slipped into my comfy clothes.

I LOVE these boots.  They were a cheap purchase last year to accomodate my swollen pregnant feet.  They’re perfect for slumming around the house.  To top it off I am completely addicted to wearing comfy skirts and tights. 

I got some quiet time at the computer in the early hours searching through recipes and enjoying a new cookbook that my mom gave me.  It’s full of Christmas/holiday menus and decorating ideas.  The greatest part is that they’re actually PRACTICAL recipes/ideas.  I think I might even be trying out a few.

I even got a Christmas gift project completed and on it’s way here. 

I LOVE the sense of accomplishment!!!

Punkie is definitely on the mend, as well.  She’s up to her usual tricks unloading Mommy’s pantry.  It’s a toss up between the pantry and the pots and pans as to which is more enjoyable for her.

Tucker is still in his PJ’s and played Angry Birds until the battery was dead on my phone.

As much as we miss our church family I opted to keep them home and out of the gray, cold and windy weather today.  I’d sure hate for them to give anyone else their germs seeing as how we’ve managed to share them with the rest of our family. 

Lunch is being finished and naps will promptly follow.

I’m thinking about baked potato soup for supper.  Even more decadent comfort on a lazy, grey day.

This is the PERFECT Sunday. 

Peace, love and fuzzy slippers.


Calling All Fashionistas

I have somewhat of a fashion dilemna and I desperately need the opinions of all you fashionistas out there.

I recently purchased this dress to wear to work and a couple of upcoming events.  I think it’s adorable and can be dressed up or down.

Here’s my dilemna.

Do the colors grey and brown go together?  I know a mix of black and brown together is the new thing, but where does grey fall in this trend?

I have a pair of chocolate brown riding style boots that I love.  I pretty much live in them during the cooler months.  I’m really thinking about getting another pair of boots with somewhat of a heel on them.

Something like these.

I just love them.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the color.  I’m fairly certain these would go with black, but could I pull them off with the grey dress or should I lean more toward a pair of black boots?

And if they WOULD go with the dress what color tights/leggings would I wear?  Black, taupe/brown, cream…?  I just don’t know.  I’m so confused.

The dress does need to be belted to complete the look.  I have a wide black belt, but should I try a brown belt? 

I need your advice.  Please, please, please give me some guidance.  I’m REALLY trying to turn over a new leaf and be a little trendier and this one has me stumped.  I could be like some gals out there and just wing it and throw some crazy stuff together, but I don’t feel like I’m that brave yet.

Oh, and I’ve even asked the girls at my favorite store and they were stumped as well.  So, any advice/direction would be amazing.



Peace, love and the color wheel.


I see these beautiful colors every evening on my way home.  I’ve been jonesing to stop to take pictures for about a week now. 

But, life has been busy and things needed attention at home.

It was driving me crazy.  My heart just ached for my camera every evening.

I decided I couldn’t let the opportunity pass.  I had to capture the beauty around me.

Last night, after the kids were picked up, groceries purchased and some sort of sanity regained I decided I would bite the bullet and do it.  I pulled off the road and did what I usually do…

…look like the crazy lady standing in the middle of the road taking pictures of…  what…?

I always wonder what people in our county must be thinking when they drive by me and I’m pointing my camera down the road. 

I was in love with the colors the sun was intensifying on the already gold and amber leaves.

And then….

I turned around and saw this.


It looks like a fairy tale to me.

I wish Fall wasn’t so short. 

I wish these colors would stay with us for much longer.

My ultimate dream….to travel to Maine and capture the beauty and intensity of their fall colors. 


I’ll just keep dreamin’ in gold until then.

Peace, love and riches.

7 AM

Grady leaves before I’m even out of the shower on most day so it’s all up to me to make sure clothes are on, tummies are full, bags are packed and shoes are on.

7 AM is crunch time in our house.  It’s kind of insane.  This is what it looks like from my phone.

One of my favorite pair of kicks.  LOVE the mustard color!  Just waiting on this monkey.

Punkie likes to eat breakfast with Tucker.  She scarfs her waffle down long before Tuck is ever done with his. 

This week is dress up week at school for Tucker.  So, not only do I have to just get him dressed I have to make sure we have something to follow the theme for each day.  Yesterday we had to skip out on it… We just didn’t have anything in the Pirate category…  Fortunately, we had something for camo day.

I’m anxiously waiting to get my lips on this, but not until my hiney hits the driver’s seat.

Then it’s a mad dash to the car, buckle in and head to town.

What’s your morning routine look like?

Peace, love and roll call!

Me and Modern Technology

I think I’m fairly “up” on things.  I know what the latest trends are and the newest “must haves”.

But, that doesn’t mean that I have them nor does it mean I know how to use them.

Two years I purchased one of the first Android phones available, the Droid, complete with a touch screen.  I LOVED it!  I was hooked on the cool screen, all the fun apps and the instant access to the internet.

As with most all techie things it reached the end of it’s life about a week ago.  It was dying a slow death of freezing up, spazzing icons, poor reception and slow processing.  It’s final cry of misery was the high pitched screeching sound it made whenever I talked.  I couldn’t take it any longer.  I had fulfilled my contractual obligation, earned a few credits toward a new phone and had told Grady enough times that it was time.  The day had come for the original Droid to be laid to rest.

I did my research online and via friends as to what I should get next.  I loved my Droid, but thought the iPhone might be interesting. My final decision was based on the less than $100 purchase I could make in upgrading to one of the newer Droids.  I was sold.  I ventured to the local wireless dealer down the street and told the worker exactly what I wanted.  I finished my purchase and was on my way.

photo courtesy of Google Images

This new phone was C-O-O-O-O-O-L!  The screen was bigger.  The clarity was unbelieveable.  The reception was 10 times better than before and there wasn’t a traditional keyboard.  It was 100% touch.

I was in love.

That was until I started using the keyboard and discovered a little beauty known as Interpretive Text.

We are not friends, this interpretive text and I.

She “thinks” she knows what I want to say, but she is SOOOO wrong SOOOO many times.

Just the other day I was trying to text to a friend, “Oh sheesh!!!”

You want to know what Miss Interpretive Text decided to send to my friend…”Oh, shareholders!!!!”


…shareholders?  Seriously?

That was NOT the point I was trying to get across.

I have yet to figure out how to turn off little Miss I.T., but until then if you get a strange message from me, please know that I really AM a descent speller.  I know that, “Oh, shareholders!” doesn’t express frustration like “Oh, sheesh!” does.

Miss I.T. and I are about to go to blows.


Peace, love and shareholders…?

New Fave

When you’re on a tight budget a girl can’t always go shopping for all the fantastic things she’d like to have to feel pretty.  It’s kind of a bum deal.

But…  there is always a little wiggle room in the pocketbook for lipgloss.

I’m kind of a lipgloss junkie .  I love the stuff.  But, if you’re like me, finding the right shade can be difficult.  Especially if you’re buying the drugstore kind.  You don’t get the luxury of sitting at the makeup counter in the department store being pampered by the sales lady.  No, you get to draw all over your hand trying to find the perfect color. 

Come ooonnnn… I know I’m not the only one who does that.

Well, I was in need of a new color (really… I was.) So I took the lead from my good friend P-Dub.  She had posted about a really great lipstick she found at the drugstore.  I decided to check it out.


Sandstone Shimmer

This stuff is fantastic.  Maybelline Color Sensational is the product line.  Sandstone Shimmer is the color I chose.

It’s smooth and creamy with a nice sparkle. 

It doesn’t get gummy and narly after an hour.

And the best part…  it’s the perfect shade of “bare”.  I hear that’s the new “in thing”,  nude lipsticks and glosses.

My search is over.  I can sleep now.

My luck, they’ll quit making it next month.

…I should go buy twenty of them.

Ssshhhh.  Don’t tell Grady.

Peace,love and pretty kissers.

Faith and Patience

My life sometimes demands that I play the roles of single mother, faith seeker, and patience guru.  Last night was such a night.

As with any normal evening I called Grady on my way home to find out what his routine is looking like and when he thinks he’ll be getting home.  On any usual night he’s home by 6 or 6:30.  No worries.  I like to ask though because one of my biggest pet peeves is to have supper ready and still be waiting on him to show up.

On this particular evening at 5:00 he was certain he’d be done shortly and on the road.  So, with no worries, I picked up the kids, ran to the store for a few essentials and headed home to start supper.  Nachos to be exact.

In the middle of my food preparations I get a phone call from said husband informing that he wouldn’t be home any time soon.  A water pump had gone out and they had to stay to fix it because, well…the cattle HAVE to be able to drink.  I moaned and groaned, but understood.  It’s his job.  It’s out of his control.  I knew all of this.

So, I continued with supper knowing the kids and I would be dining alone.  No, biggie.  It happens.  I got to play the single parent role.  Big whoop.

Several hours lapsed and the kids were bathed and ready for a bottle and snuggle time.  I tried to call Grady and got no answer.  It was 8:00 at that point in time. 

“It’s fine,” I kept telling myself.

“I’m sure he’s elbows deep in water and mud right now.  He CAN’T answer his phone.”

Remember when I posted about being the mother of the year?  Remember when I talked about being a worrier.  Well, those tendencies didn’t fade with the onset of adulthood.  I am STILL a worrier to this day. 

Grady has a relatively dangerous job.  No he’s not fighting fires or dueling it out with criminals on a daily basis, but the life of a cowboy has many risks that come with it.

Okay, so it’s not THIS dangerous on a regular basis, but it’s close… (and this is his hobby…)

My mind started going 100 mph wondering what was going on 40 miles away.  Couldn’t he have taken a short break to call me and let me know they were doing okay and still working on the well.  Didn’t he know his wife would be just a little worried.

No.  When Grady gets focused on a job his mind is nowhere else but on the task at hand.  I know this about him.  That’s not to say that it doesn’t drive me bananas.

So, I had to rely on my faith that he was fine, he was getting his work done and he’d be home when he got home.  I had to have faith that God was protecting the guys and helping to guide them in the right direction of repairing the well.  Afterall, in the grand scheme of things, these men are doing God’s work taking care of these animals.

And then I had to remember patience.  I am NOT a very patient person.  Oh, I’m tolerant and understanding.  I am patient when I know I need to be, but combine worry with a small lack of patience and it can get messy.  So, I usually dive into a book, turn on a good show and fold clothes or do my best to get some shut-eye.  If I am patient, I know he’ll call when he’s done and on his way. 

It’s tough to be in the “unknown”.  I can’t imagine what it would have been like before the days of cell phones.  I’ve heard countless stories of absolute crazy disasters my father had to fix while my mother was the single parent, faith seeker and patience guru at home.  She did a good job.  There weren’t many times any of her internal worry trickled down to us.

So, I suppose I did my job well last night.  Tucker wasn’t worried about where Daddy was and Ella was her usual ornery self. 

Grady got home safe and sound somewhere around 11:00 and the cattle had water to drink.

God bless a cowboy and his big heart for without it we wouldn’t enjoy our cheeseburgers and t-bones.

Peace, love and patiently waiting.