Way To Go!!!!

Last weekend was SO. MUCH. FUN!!!!!!

It was nice to get away with no kiddos for a couple days.

The new crew, 2i Feeders, competed in a qualifying ranch rodeo in Western Kansas Friday and Saturday nights. 

This was only their 5th time to compete together and I am SOOOO very proud to say that…


We will be traveling to Amarillo again in November to compete for the title of World Champions.

Not only did the team take home a new title, so did Grady.

For the first time in 5 years, Grady was honored with the title of Top Hand at a WRCA qualifying rodeo. 

This is HUGE.

To be named Top Hand means this man was considered the MVP of the rodeo both nights out of SIXTY-FOUR other men.  That’s quite the feat.

Grady can now join Adrian in the ranks of honored Top Hands.

Now…I look forward to Clint and Jason being awarded this honor in rodeos to come.

They’re ALL Top Hands in my book!!  Cowboys with endless, talent, heart and strength.

Congratulations, guys!!!




Peace, love and milestones!!!


Prep Work

I have always loved to watch Grady get ready for a bronc ride. 

He’s never nervous.   If he is you’d NEVER know it. 

I would be shaking like a leaf.

He doesn’t get scared. 

I on the other hand would need paper towels in my armpits to absord the pools of sweat I’d be drenched in.

He has this “happy place” that he goes to. 

I’d be hiding in the fetal position in the bathroom.

He’s been doing this since he was a young boy.  He rode bulls from childhood through the first year of our marriage.  He took a few years off and then four years ago became the team’s bronc rider.

To say he’s a natural is an understatement. 

He has a gift, a natural ability. 

In the four years I’ve watched him I’ve only seen him come off the bronc once before the 8 second buzzer sounded.

He’s what you’d call “sticky”.

Peace, love and super glue.

Ruby Slippers

I have never, in all my life, been happier to return to my warm, cozy, familiar home.  On more than 15 occasions I would have KILLED for Dorothy’s ruby red slippers to click three times transporting me back to the safety of Kansas.

Our misfortunes didn’t end with Tucker’s nasty face plant.  Although we were relieved to find out that he didn’t break his nose, we WERE certain that he had a mild concussion.  His demeanor over the rest of the stay was sluggish, sleepy, moody and odd.  He just wasn’t our normal spunky, fun loving boy.

Ella…oh, poor Ella.  The cough that she’d had turned into a hacking, vomit inducing bark that resulted into she and I missing the Saturday night performance and having multiple wardrobe changes Sunday night. 

Both kids ended up with fevers and chest congestion leaving them pale and sickly for most of the trip.

It was a parenting nightmare.  My patience and faith were certainly tested over those six days.

With all of that said, we DID have some good times.  We shared laughs with great friends, watched some incredible athletes, saw a monkey ride a dog and heard a six-year-old belt out our anthem like no other.

There is always excellent shopping opportunities for the girls AND the guys.

And this AMAZING toy section for the kiddos.  We, literally, let the kids play for at least an hour on the first day.  They never want to leave.

We got to see Ella’s boyfriend, Hank.  Isn’t he the SWEETEST!!!!  He’s such a little charmer.  Her daddy is already worried!  I just LURVE him!!!

We paid tribute to the many men and women of our armed forces.  It’s always touching to see these faces every year.

Grady had two really great rides.  I’m so very proud of him.  He improves with every year and I’m always so impressed with how his hiney can stick to that seat.

I actually have a lot more pictures, but WordPress is being a big pain in my hiney on this post.  I’ll try to share the others later.

I’m looking forward to a completely LAZY and RELAXING weekend.  I hope you do the same.


Peace, love and slothlike movement!!!

Faith and Patience

My life sometimes demands that I play the roles of single mother, faith seeker, and patience guru.  Last night was such a night.

As with any normal evening I called Grady on my way home to find out what his routine is looking like and when he thinks he’ll be getting home.  On any usual night he’s home by 6 or 6:30.  No worries.  I like to ask though because one of my biggest pet peeves is to have supper ready and still be waiting on him to show up.

On this particular evening at 5:00 he was certain he’d be done shortly and on the road.  So, with no worries, I picked up the kids, ran to the store for a few essentials and headed home to start supper.  Nachos to be exact.

In the middle of my food preparations I get a phone call from said husband informing that he wouldn’t be home any time soon.  A water pump had gone out and they had to stay to fix it because, well…the cattle HAVE to be able to drink.  I moaned and groaned, but understood.  It’s his job.  It’s out of his control.  I knew all of this.

So, I continued with supper knowing the kids and I would be dining alone.  No, biggie.  It happens.  I got to play the single parent role.  Big whoop.

Several hours lapsed and the kids were bathed and ready for a bottle and snuggle time.  I tried to call Grady and got no answer.  It was 8:00 at that point in time. 

“It’s fine,” I kept telling myself.

“I’m sure he’s elbows deep in water and mud right now.  He CAN’T answer his phone.”

Remember when I posted about being the mother of the year?  Remember when I talked about being a worrier.  Well, those tendencies didn’t fade with the onset of adulthood.  I am STILL a worrier to this day. 

Grady has a relatively dangerous job.  No he’s not fighting fires or dueling it out with criminals on a daily basis, but the life of a cowboy has many risks that come with it.

Okay, so it’s not THIS dangerous on a regular basis, but it’s close… (and this is his hobby…)

My mind started going 100 mph wondering what was going on 40 miles away.  Couldn’t he have taken a short break to call me and let me know they were doing okay and still working on the well.  Didn’t he know his wife would be just a little worried.

No.  When Grady gets focused on a job his mind is nowhere else but on the task at hand.  I know this about him.  That’s not to say that it doesn’t drive me bananas.

So, I had to rely on my faith that he was fine, he was getting his work done and he’d be home when he got home.  I had to have faith that God was protecting the guys and helping to guide them in the right direction of repairing the well.  Afterall, in the grand scheme of things, these men are doing God’s work taking care of these animals.

And then I had to remember patience.  I am NOT a very patient person.  Oh, I’m tolerant and understanding.  I am patient when I know I need to be, but combine worry with a small lack of patience and it can get messy.  So, I usually dive into a book, turn on a good show and fold clothes or do my best to get some shut-eye.  If I am patient, I know he’ll call when he’s done and on his way. 

It’s tough to be in the “unknown”.  I can’t imagine what it would have been like before the days of cell phones.  I’ve heard countless stories of absolute crazy disasters my father had to fix while my mother was the single parent, faith seeker and patience guru at home.  She did a good job.  There weren’t many times any of her internal worry trickled down to us.

So, I suppose I did my job well last night.  Tucker wasn’t worried about where Daddy was and Ella was her usual ornery self. 

Grady got home safe and sound somewhere around 11:00 and the cattle had water to drink.

God bless a cowboy and his big heart for without it we wouldn’t enjoy our cheeseburgers and t-bones.

Peace, love and patiently waiting.

Six Months and More

Today Punkie is 6 months old. It doesn’t seem possible that she’s already halfway through her first year.

She’s growing like a weed and seems to be picking up on new things daily.

Right now we’re working on trying to get her to sit up on her own.

She doesn’t fairly well for about 2 minutes and then she topples over.  She’d REALLY like to crawl, but hasn’t mastered the art of putting the legs AND arms in motion together.

She’s reached the point that if Mommy isn’t in plain sight when someone new grabs her she gets a little uncomfortable.  I’m hoping this phase passes soon.  My sweet grandma did a great job at consoling her.

As you can see she isn’t hurting in the appetite department.  Her chub rolls crack us up.  She’s our little sumo wrestler.


I wanted to share a few pictures from the birthday party.  It was 106 that day.  UGH!

We got him this really cool tent.  He LOVED it.  We let him have it ON his birthday.  I didn’t want him to not get a gift on his actual birthday.



It was my best attempt at saying 34.

Can you see it?


We’re going to work on learning how to ride this WITHOUT the training wheels.

Daddy got his favorite stuff…fishing gear.



Peace, love and birthday wishes.


This holiday weekend was jam packed full of HUGE accomplisments for the Gibb family!!!

*** Early in the week Grady surprised Tucker with a trampoline given to us by Grady’s Uncle Louie.***

The kid LOVES it! I think the smile proves it.

Thanks, Uncle Louie! You saved our summer!!!

***I mentioned we’d be busy with rodeos over the weekend.***

Well, the guys made their hometown proud!!! They won right in their own back yard.

Congratulations Buckcreek/Lonesome Pine!!!

This is a face that KNOWS he gets to go to Amarillo again!!!

***The big boys blew up LOTS of stuff at our family 4th of July party.***

This would be a hollowed watermelon. Yep, that’s pieces of it flying through the air that you see.

***One little boy finally overcame his fear of fireworks and let himself have a good time.***

***We saw beautiful sunsets.***

***We saw spectacular fireworks.***

***Tucker started swimming lessons.***

He has a fear of water so this is a big deal. He’s learning to trust that he’ll be okay if he’s calm and does what he’s told.

***Ella has managed to get up on her hands and knees.***

Now she just needs to figure out how to make them all work together to get where she wants to go.

***We pickled our first jar of banana peppers.***

Jalapenos won’t be far behind. I’ll bet the first batch will be ready by the middle of next week.

***I overcame my hatred of broccoli and cauliflower and made a cold veggie pizza.***

 It was awesome! I’ll share the recipe with you sometime in the near future.

We were busy little bees over the weekend. I’m completely wiped out, but realize that we made a lot happen in a very short period of time.

What did you do over the 4th?

Peace, love and check marks!!

Five Months and Father’s Day

Five months…

Five months ago yesterday Ella Marie made her appearance.

Five months.

It’s amazing how time has flown by.  It’s even more amazing how much this little angel has grown and changed.

We’re trying baby food.  She likes it!

She likes it all over her face, too.  Just this week she’s FINALLY mastered the spoon and control over her tongue.  It’s amazing how much it helps in keeping the food IN her mouth.

Her favorite person is big brother, Tucker.  She LOVES to snuggle with him first thing in the morning.  It melts a momma’s heart.

She loves to watch Bubba play t-ball.

Ella has discovered that her toes conveniently fit into her mouth.  This is her new obsession.  Toes!  Toes!  TOES!

EVERYTHING goes into her mouth.  It’s simply the BEST way to discover things.

Punkie has reached that stage of babyhood where only Mommy and Daddy and a select few others are her safety and comfort.  She loves everyone and loves to laugh and smile, but if her “safety nets” are out of sight she starts to panic.  I know she’ll grow out of this, but at least I know she knows WE’RE Mommy and Daddy.

The list of things that I love about this little girl are endless, but I am IN LOVE with her facial expressions and her mesmerizing eyes.  We’re still not certain what color they’re going to be, deep, dark blue or possibly hazel and sometimes a brownish green.  They change constantly, but they SHINE.  This face is my favorite.  Jaw set, lower lip protruding slightly, eyes bright and wide just waiting to see what the world brings her next.  It makes me smile.


On this beautiful Sunday, Father’s Day we’re celebrating Daddy by letting him sleep in as late as he wants.  It could be a few more hours before he stumbles out of his den. 

Today he’ll get a break from rodeos, cowboying and any usual “hard work” around the house.  He “may” be required to do a few small tasks.

Today he WILL be smothered by his adoring children, kissed, told “I love you, Daddy”, and asked to play.

For all father’s out there, including my own, thank you for being the rock, boo-boo kisser, motivator, story-teller, lid opener, encouraging word giver, disciplinarian, grill master, trash taker outer, diaper changer, cheering section and all around fix it man.

You are our heroes. 

You are our role models.

You are what we are thankful for today.

Happy Father’s Day!



Peace, love and daddy duty!