The Weekend

Grady is back in his (rodeo) saddle!!!  This past weekend was the first WRCA sanctioned rodeo he’s competed in since his accident.  While he had some pain in his knee he’s doing SO well!

Our guys didn’t get the ticket to Amarillo that they were hoping for, but they had a stellar rodeo.  They placed third overall.  In a few days we’ll find out if last weekend was our final try for the “Big One” this year.  We’re hopeful for one more chance, but will be okay if it turns out to not be in our cards this year.

Despite the third place results the weekend was a great time.

DSC_0134 copyIt was a beautiful weekend.  Our teammates had to endure some crazy weather before the beauty arrived.  The rest of the team was set to sleep in a camper and the nose of the horse trailer.  Grady and I were supposed to sleep in a tent.  After seeing the weather forecast for Friday night Grady and I decided that we didn’t feel like riding out the coming rain storm in a tent.  We opted to get a room at the local motel.  I’m so glad because the lightning and thunder at 2:30 in the morning were INSANE!!!  I sat straight up in bed.  I can only imagine what it would have been like in a tent.  …wet and LOUD.

Saturday morning we woke up to an amazingly beautiful day.  We went to the rodeo grounds and enjoyed watching the ranch horse competition.  After Adrian competed Grady and I decided to go venture around town.  We pulled into the local grocery store/liquor store and you’d never believe who we found.

grandparentsGrady said, “I think that’s your grandpa in the parking lot…”  Lo and behold he was right!  There were my grandparents and my cousin, Ellie and her husband, Levi!!!!  We got out, exchanged hugs and exclamations.  They were on their way to the family ranch in Oklahoma for the weekend.  We quickly made an impromptu lunch date in a neighboring town.

DSC_0111 copySun City, Kansas, doesn’t have much, but they do have Buster’s.  If you need a good burger and some great art you should put this place on your list.  GREAT burgers and even better onion rings!!!

DSC_0108 copyDSC_0110 copyIt’s not often you encounter a scene like this.  Cracks me up every time I see something like it.

As the afternoon progressed little did Grady know that this kiddo was on his way to see him.

DSC_0125 copyHe rode out with a friend and fellow competitor.  It was a great surprise for this daddy.

CadeThese two crack me up!  Their hearts were so happy, which made my heart happy.

Our adventure had a strange ending.  As the rodeo came to a close our teammate, Colt, found out that his vehicle had a bad alternator and wasn’t going anywhere.  He had to get home that night.  Since we were going in the same direction we offered to take him home if we could get in touch with my parents.  Well… we never made contact with the parents so we weren’t able to help him out, but…. the thought of sleeping in my own bed, in my own warm house and not having to unpack my things for the night and then repack only to UN-pack again was just more than I could take.  My stubborn side was kicking in.  I convinced Grady to drive home at 11:30 that night.  We got home around 2:30 in the morning and fell into our bed.  It was heaven.

Although this may have been our last WRCA rodeo, we have a month full of fun and relaxing rodeos to attend.  Here’s to the start of a great month!

Peace, love and sweet rides!!!


Back in the Saddle

We had the much anticipated appointment with the orthopaedic doctor yesterday.  It’s crazy how LONG 10 days can be to wait for news.

Our prayers were answered.  We got the best news.

Nothing broken.

Nothing torn.

He was diagnosed with a strained MCL, which will take about 6 weeks to heal with the aid of a brace.  The doc told him he could get back in the saddle, which is the best news ever.

Okay, so, not THIS saddle for a while.

DSC_0018 copy

DSC_0020 copy

DSC_0022 copy

DSC_0024 copy

DSC_0025 copy

DSC_0028 copy

DSC_0034 copyDSC_0039 copy

This stuff has to wait for six weeks, but he has clearance to ride the tame variety.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and words of encouragement.  They WORKED!!!  Hallelujah.

Now to continue tackling the double unemployment issue.



Peace, love and answered prayers!!!

Those Stinkin’ Kinks

Kinks. Those stinkin’ kinks. They’ll getchya every time.

Life threw us a few major curve balls over the last weekend. The rodeo team travelled west to a rodeo that’s been a tradition for us for 5 years.

DSC_0025 copy

While this is the site that I’m used to seeing it was far from what I saw Saturday night. Grady had a horse go down with him in the arena and while we watched from the side we kept waiting for him to get up and walk away. Instead, he kept laying on the ground, on his side in the fetal position. My heart was pounding, my gut wrenched. I raced into the arena and sighed a HUGE sigh of relief when I found that nothing was broken, his head was still in tact, vital organs were good. He was complaining of severe pain in his knee. We can deal with a knee, it can be fixed.

We drove the four hours home Sunday morning worrying about everything. We worried about the new job. We worried about the insurance that will run out at the end of the month. We worried about the severity of his injury. It was a somber drive.

Monday morning we made the trip to the family doctor. We still aren’t 100% certain of the final diagnosis, but the doctor feels that it’s probably a torn meniscus.

Another big sigh. It wasn’t his ACL. It wasn’t blown. We can fix this.

We will go see the orthopedic/sports medicine doctor next week and all will be determined for sure.

Our biggest blow came Monday afternoon when a difference in opinions left Grady making the decision to leave his job. It was a tough choice to make since it’d leave us both unemployed, but one we felt we needed.

So, there you have it, my friends. Those kinks are kind of tight, but we’re working to smooth them back out again. We are totally at peace with our decision. Ironically, our hearts are more peaceful than they’ve been since he took the job. Isn’t it funny how those gut feelings work. We feel good with where we’re at and, believe it or not, are working on a solid plan. We are prayerful and faithful that everything will work out.



Peace, love and crazy kinks!!!!




Camping 2012

Two weeks ago we went on a big camping trip with our rodeo family.  I was nervous about the excursion.  I’ve become a softie in my old age.  I’ve become quite partial to daily showers and that squeaky clean feeling.  I’m not big on being one with the dirt for an extended period of time (more than 24 hours).

To relieve my nerves AND to accommodate one cowboy, who shall remain unidentified to protect his rouge masculine character, we booked one motel room to house the cowboy and provide a shower for any member of the camping party who so desired to feel “fresh”. (It was A-MAZING!)

We looked like we had a little village.

Three tents and the camper.

It was pure relaxation. 

We had no concept of time with the exception of when the rodeo began each night.  We woke up when we wanted.

Tuck and I were the first one’s up.  We woke up to Jason building his campfire.


Jason and Mandy made a spectacular feast for breakfast.

I was completely in awe of this whole process.

We all know how much I love to cook and I can say that I’m fairly handy in the kitchen, but this camp cooking business was a whole new ball of wax for me.  I sat and took it all in.





Coffee.  Lots and lots and lots and lots of coffee was consumed that morning.  Just a little side note…if you’ve never tried percolated coffee, you need to.  It’s not half bad.

It was insane.  I ate to my heart’s content.  (Calories were of no consideration this weekend.)

The kids played football.

Colored in coloring books.

Dug holes they could have been buried in.

Ate junk food all day.  If you’ve never tried a banana boat you are MISSING OUT!!!  These things are RIDICULOUS!!!

And just genuinely loved each other’s company.

Our purpose in this trip was to watch the team rodeo as a family.  Be that as it may…this was the ONLY picture I got of the guys doing anything rodeo related.

It was too dark and I don’t have one of those fancy flashes.

That’s okay.  This stuff was entertaining enough.

We had so much fun.  I really hope this can become an annual adventure!!!


Peace, love and white rabbits!

The Tie That Binds

These are me and my girls, my support group, MY team.

We are the team wives (minus one, Mandy).

Abbey, myself and Tiffany. (Tiffany’s mom is on the end.  She’s proven to be one heck of a faithful fan.)  Jason’s wife, Mandy, wasn’t able to join us in Meade, and she was GREATLY missed.

I’ve said before that the camaraderie between teammates is like a brotherhood.  These guys have a certain chemistry and bond that goes as deep as family blood.  Their relationship is such that I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, any one of these guys would give his life for the other.

After 7 years of being a part of this world I have to say that the relationship between the wives isn’t much different from those of the men.  Grady would say that we’re the support system behind them.  We organize the road trips, set up travel plans, prepare food/snacks for the destinations, give pep talks when needed, mend wounds, hold down the fort when the need arises (literally), tend to babies in the bleachers and scream from the tops of our lungs when our guys enter and leave the arena.  We’ve all helped raise each others babies, offered encouraging words when spirits are down, cried tears of joy for each other’s husbands and kept the other’s moods in check when slightly off kilter.  We are there for each other in ANY given life situation.

We. Are. Sisters. 

Some sisters are from teams of yesteryear and some sisters are new to the pack.  Regardless of when we each joined the group the friendship and love run deep and survive through all life throws at us. We each have very unique personalities and bring a whole new dynamic to the group.

But with each of our differences, we ALL have one very important thing in common.

We each stand behind our cowboys come hell or high water. 

…and who wouldn’t stand behind these?  Seriously.  (I know you can’t quit looking.  It’s okay.  I can’t either.)

Especially this one.

Peace, love and kindred spirits!

Way To Go!!!!

Last weekend was SO. MUCH. FUN!!!!!!

It was nice to get away with no kiddos for a couple days.

The new crew, 2i Feeders, competed in a qualifying ranch rodeo in Western Kansas Friday and Saturday nights. 

This was only their 5th time to compete together and I am SOOOO very proud to say that…


We will be traveling to Amarillo again in November to compete for the title of World Champions.

Not only did the team take home a new title, so did Grady.

For the first time in 5 years, Grady was honored with the title of Top Hand at a WRCA qualifying rodeo. 

This is HUGE.

To be named Top Hand means this man was considered the MVP of the rodeo both nights out of SIXTY-FOUR other men.  That’s quite the feat.

Grady can now join Adrian in the ranks of honored Top Hands.

Now…I look forward to Clint and Jason being awarded this honor in rodeos to come.

They’re ALL Top Hands in my book!!  Cowboys with endless, talent, heart and strength.

Congratulations, guys!!!




Peace, love and milestones!!!


It’s Wednesday already?


I’ve had a bit of bloggers block for the last few days.  I’m sure there have been plenty of things to tell you about, but I haven’t felt inspired to write about them.

It could be a result of the crazy schedule we had over the weekend.  I, literally, fell into bed Sunday night from a GOOD exhaustion.

This was part of our fun.  Ranch rodeo season is underway and these four guys are a RIOT!  New friendships forming, old ones going strong and team of incredible athletes, men and horses combined.

Abbey and I were very lucky wives and got to have a whole evening without kiddos.

This was our perch for the night.

SO relaxing and SO fun.  We were surrounded with good friends and great laughs.

I’m so glad that rodeo season as started again.



Peace, love and high horses!